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Error in JCL due to blank in the parameter. The data set may not be written on the volume intended. JCL assumes that anything following a blank in the parameter field is a comment and ignores the item.

The system sees the statement as:. A comma indicates a continua-tion, and so you get a JCL error. When you have a JCL error, the following message is printed on the first page of your output:.

Space ABEND – SB37, SD37, SE37 & Resolution

Some errors occur during the execution of a job. The following occurs:. If you resubmit the job, STEP1 tries to allocate the data set again, but it already exists. You get this JCL error message:. And so on. Duplicate data set names will always be a problem. The following is typical:.

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This will be a constant frustration and you will just have to be careful. The compilers, linkage editors, utilities, and most programs issue a condition code at the end of each step. You should examine this code in your output listing for each step to determine if errors occurred. A typical message for a step will read:. You get this message instead:. Programs can be written to do this, but few are. Snnn: The system error number.

This is what you really want. For each of the codes below, you must allocate more space. VS2 System Codes. This manual describes just the completion codes issued by the operating system. It has only about pages. VS2 System Messages. It has close to pages. One final item. Experienced software developer.How to deal with error SB Quick References.

View previous topic :: View next topic. Posted: Fri Sep 07, pm. I am having problem with SB I need some help as this is happening in our production and as a support it has been very bad week for me.

b37 jcl error

It abends in S with SB I changed to TRK 50,20 and rerun the job and ended okay. This was 1st and 2nd day. To solve it, I change to CYL 10,5 and it ended okay on 3rd day. There are a lot of extents happening when I use TRK 10,5 initially which prompt me to change to CYL 5,2 thinking it is big enough already after discussng with seniors.

The time I allocated TRK 10,5 the dataset actually took tracks as the final allocation. The number of records are overThe time I allocated CYL 5,2 the dataset actually took cylinders as the final allocation. Problem is why it is happening like that. The JCL having sortwork also, is it because sort work not enough or the space allocation in the primary and secondary not enough. Everyone suggesting different solutions, some telling maybe the time the job running there are many other job running as well, no space in volumes.

So maybe rerun after sometime without changing anything might solve the problem also. I need to increase to CYL 10,5. I also put the same space allocation in step S and S thinking since we are creating with CYL 5,2 while sorting out it should be fine with CYL 5,2.

But S okay, and S abend. Need larger space? Please let me know if more information needed. Back to top. Posted: Tue Sep 11, am. What i'm trying to suggest is atleast a long term fix. Please let me know if i gave you incorrect information. Posted: Tue Sep 11, pm. Hi Chris, Thanx a lot for your reply. Problem is my seniors are not receptive to the idea of increasing the size, they are worried if we allocate the primary too big, it will abend also if cant find the necessary space.

But I found somewhere, if for eg: we allocate CYL ,50if the max it can allocate is for primary, then it will allocate that much and wont abend with SB But am receptive to changes and for my info, would like to learn the correct way to estimate the space. I dont get this part : where: is the number of cylinders is this fixed by system or nething like that?

I also read somewhere that the maximum extent it can give for secondary is 16 and not 15 as you mention here.

5052 vs 6061

Coz as I mention before in step S, the input to S is created with allocation CYL 5,2 but it extent until the following : In S : I dont seem to get it how? Thank you for any replies.Join Stack Overflow to learn, share knowledge, and build your career. Stack Overflow for Teams is a private, secure spot for you and your coworkers to find and share information.

The following space allocation is giving me an sB37 JCL error. The cobol size of the output file is bytes and the lrecl size is bytes. What do you think is causing this error? I have tried increase the size toand still get the same error. Try to increase not only the space, but the volume as well. The documentation for B37 says the application programmer should respond as indicated for message IECI. The documentation for IECI says, in part If you omit the volume count or if you specify 1 through 5, the system allows up to five volumes; if you specify 6 through 20, the system allows 20 volumes; if you specify a count greater than 20, the system allows 5 plus a multiple of 15 volumes.

You can override the maximum volume count in data class by using the volume-count subparameter. The maximum volume count for an SMS-managed mountable tape data set or a Non-managed tape data set is Try this instead. It was merely fixed and unblocked so the space would almost never be enough. That is because the FD in the COBOL program is all you need and putting it in the JCL is not only redundant but dangerous because any change will have to be now done in multiple places.

There is a limit of 65, tracks per one volume. Easy way is to contact your local Storage Team and ask for one. It should produce a list of all available data classes. Find the one that suits you has enougth amount of volume countdoes not limit primary and secondary space. Learn more.

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SB37 JCL error to small a size? Ask Question. Asked 6 years, 6 months ago. Active 1 year, 1 month ago. Viewed 5k times. Improve this question. From the FBM that looks like print output. For any file, you should try to estimate how big your output files should be.

Then if it fills, see if you are looping. You might want to put a UNIT on, in case your files are getting allocated where they shouldn't be, but the above may be how your site does it. From the step which failed as well would be useful.

Active Oldest Votes. Additionally, you can increase the size, but try to stay within reasonable limits :. Improve this answer. If the space has already been increased tohow doi you feel putting 10,5 on three volumes is going to help? Apparently it did, but I can't work out why.

What have I been missing?A space request like CYL,means system would try to allocate cylinders of primary space. The secondary space is the overflow size. That is if the dataset becomes full, system routines extend the dataset by another cylinders of secondary space.

For non-VSAM dataset, system allows up to 16 extents of a file per disk volume. Theoretically, you can therefore have a file size of 1 primary extent and up to 15 secondary extents.

Give primary and secondary allocations: While allocating your dataset give primary and secondary allocations in space specification provided that there are enough DASD units for secondary space allocation, it is important also to maintain some sort of a reasonable balance between primary and secondary space requests.

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Allocate same dataset with different name: It is always nice to create another dataset with same DCB parameters. Give space parameters so that you can your dataset can fir in. If you want to allocate with the same name then delete existing one and reallocate. Large dataset type is available for PS datasets. Generally they are used for storing the large format datasets.

Go to option 3. Put the PDS name and hit enter.

b37 jcl error

The dataset will be compressed. If you are in an edit session, you are not able to leave the session until you deal with the problem. Some of the things you can do are:. Note : Some installations use Space Manager to increase space for a data set. Remember Me. Remember Me Forgot Password? Link Text. Open link in a new tab. No search term specified. Showing recent items.

b37 jcl error

Search or use up and down arrow keys to select an item.B37 error after allocating cylinders. Quick References. View previous topic :: View next topic. Posted: Tue Apr 01, am. Hello,everyone,I encountered a very tricky B37 error. Back to top. How many times did the 10,10 allocation fail? How many times did the 80,10 work? Was this run more than jut the 2 times you mention? How much time was there between the abend and successful run from your quote?

If there was only one failure, it may simply be that when the b37 occurred, there was not enough space on the volume. Or that due to severe fragmentation, the process ran out of extents. Hello, I just want to know the reason why B37 occured,as from the jcl,there seems to be no problem. I guess when no volume is designated,the system will just allocate a volume that only meets the primary allocation or maybe the SMS volume's largest extent space is a little more than the primary allocation.

However,there are not enough extent space that can add to 88 when allocated for 16 times. However,when the primary allocation 80,the system will choose a volume that the largest extent space is 80 cylinders. Am I right? I just guess so.

Hello, Yes, there is no problem with the jcl.

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The abend was caused there was insufficient space as allocated. Not to undercut Dick, and having very litle SMS stuff in my head, it might just be how the allocaton prioritized the space on the volume that got allocated And don't forget, that every call for a DASD space allocation, primary or secondary allocation, can be satisfied by up to 5 physical extents. I might be wrong, but if I remember correctly a sequential dataset can have a maximum of 16 extents on each volume Posted: Tue Apr 01, pm.

Hi Absinthia! You're on the right way!!! Then data wants to expand.

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Then no more cyls where allocatable on that one disk, so system wants to alloc a second disk. But that was forbidden by SMS definitions.Return to JCL.

Advanced search. Thanks, Madev. Christy T. Wherever you go, there you are - Buckaroo Banzai. Thanks, Bala. That usually determines how much space to give the file. Unless you know the number of records, you cannot correctly specify the file size. You do realize, I hope, that these parameters directly contradict each other? And I do hope you've read the manual to verify which one will take precedence. Finally, Christy T's suggestion is worse than useless -- it is changing a physical sequential PS file to a partitioned data set PDS without doing a single thing about the original lack of space.

I was only trying to help. It's nice to know that my help is useless and therefore not needed here. While your suggestion actually made the situation worse, I did not mean to imply your attempted help was not appreciated -- but your solution was flat out wrong. If you don't test your solution before posting, or reference the manual extensively, it is quite easy to get things wrong when posting.

Since these posts can be here for literally years, posting wrong information is not good. What your suggestion actually does is take the exact same file space parameter that is already known not to work and use it again, while changing the sequential file to a PDS. So not only is the exact same space issue going to recur, it is now masked by a spurious member name message generated because the file has been converted to a PDS.

This is what I meant in my post -- your solution did not fix the problem, and added a new error message not previously seen.I would honestly give them a zero. Helpful Be the first one to find this review helpful Barbara of Durham, NC Verified Reviewer Original review: Nov.

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Top JCL Error Solutions with Reasons

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